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From: ZineGreen <>
Date: Sat 01 Nov 1997 - 12:39:49 PST

To All:

K. Cross from somewhere says humbug to my dissing of the "!Excellent!" CD. And I'm sorry to say I wrote a scathing review of it for a newspaper here.
(Couldn't help it.)

Sorry, the disc was a waste of effort, and has a hideous cover to boot. Who was responsible for choosing the songs for this project? Really, they couldn't find a better choice than "Chickentown" from Fiscotheque? "Swell" would have been sweet. Or "Keeping the Curtains Closed." Even "The Best Way"
(the REAL chicken song) would have been fun. And why was Big Planet... not
sampled at all? Was this a legal thing? (I'm telling you, that record is the most under-appreciated of all the Hatz Butz stuff out there.)

  • PRS
  Trivia Of Note: There are four references to Scandivia on the Big Questions disc, in four different songs. (Conspiracy, Olof Palme, Big Old Wind, and Vienna Song) What's the conspiracy here? Received on Sat Nov 1 12:39:49 1997
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