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Who knows ProTools?

From: David Whittemore <>
Date: Mon 17 Nov 1997 - 20:34:17 PST

ok. i have mixed-down the San Francisco show from the 22nd.

the main reason it didn't happen sooner is the following: the soundboard at the Great American Music Hall introduced more noise into Pat's vocal mic channel than i was comfortable with - i was hoping that having access to real studio equipment would help solve this problem.

it didn't. and i, being a perfectionist, am annoyed.

so - the next step is to run this mixed-down DAT tape through a ProTools system and use its broadband noise filters and other "sweetenings".

anyone reading this who has experience in this realm PLEASE get in touch with me. bonus if such a person exists near San Francisco.

that said, it's a really nice sounding job.

CD-ROMs/DVDs/etc - let's remember that commercial entities still own the publishing rights for all JBC material worldwide. in the US, it is Sony. i wouldn't want them to fuck with me, personally. any SF-show CD is right on the grey line of illegality if caught. bootleg releases of Glass/Creation material is pretty far over that line.

auction - jesus. y'all must be rich.
next week wednesday through saturday, i wil probably put the auction into stasis - no bids accepted or updated or timed-down or timed-out. i have to enter the real world for a few days around thanksgiving. and yes - i am considering a general-purpose auction/swap-meet widget for the website to save mailing list's bandwidth.

-david Received on Mon Nov 17 20:34:17 1997

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