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Re: Auction Of pat's Sweat

From: Will Nerini <>
Date: Tue 18 Nov 1997 - 14:11:53 PST

Gregor Young wrote:
> BTW, I'm auctioning some sweat that came off of Pat's forehead during a
> show at the Commodore Ballroom here in 1988 that Pat rates as one of his
> top 20 gigs. I figure it's gotta be worth over $100, so I'll set a minimum
> bid of $200. I may even throw in the piece of tape that was used to hold
> down the set list at the show - madness, I know, but I just want to share
> the wealth a bit ...

I start at $250.00

HEH #;^)> Received on Tue Nov 18 14:11:53 1997

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