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Stranger Tractors

From: Kris A Collis <>
Date: Wed 19 Nov 1997 - 04:44:34 PST


I bought a Stranger Tractors CD that had a hand written 'Jazz Butcher' sticker on it and I'm not sure who this is or what connection there is if any. The single is called 'Vibration'. It was engineered by 'MAX Tractor' (hmmmm...) and published by Creation. It has special 'Tractorial Tributes' to Alan Mc Gee. Does anybody know who this group is ? Are they related to Pat in any way or was I robbed ?

p.s., I hate all of you who went to the show in SF... ; )


"The opportunity to do mischief is found a hundred times a day..." - Voltaire Received on Wed Nov 19 04:44:34 1997

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