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Please be discreet

From: Walter Alden Tackett <>
Date: Wed 19 Nov 1997 - 09:48:30 PST

Mr. Trout asked that I post this for him.    

Hey folks,

I am no stranger to CDR, but i think it's a good idea to review a few points of law:

All of the following legal principals are generally accepted and enforced in any country with an economy larger than your checking account, with the possible exception of China and Russia, where they are not enforced unless you fail to pay appropriate bribes.

  1. Duplication of copyrighted works is a crime, potentially a serious one.
  2. In general, you are not granted permission to make archival copies, unless explicitly granted that right by the copyright holder (i.e. if it says so on the cover - I have never seen a music CD or vinyl album that did)
  3. Pat Fish is not the sole copyright holder of his works- he may have an interest in proceeds from the copyright, but that copyright is owned and administered by 3rd parties. My understanding is that the ownership of many of his works is in dispute, which means that somebody somewhere is looking for someone else that they can sue / prosecute pursuant to this matter.
  4. Sale of unauthorized copies of a copyrighted work is an even more serious crime.
  5. Conspiracy ( ;-) ) to illegally duplicate and sell copyrighted works is a separate and even greater crime.
  6. Receiving the proceeds from crimes (1), (4), and/or (5) above is a crime in itself that would almost certainly land a person in jail, even if that person has a partial interest in the legitimate proceeds. This means Pat.
  7. You have NO IDEA who reads this list, or who winds up reading these messages second- or third- hand.

In short, don't get caught. Be discreet. Consider encrypting your messages. Of course, in America that's a crime too, depending on the software you use.



  • Forwarded Message Follows ------- From: Date: Wed, 19 Nov 1997 01:04:05 -0500 (EST) Subject: Re: a modest proposal

<< Lately I've seen several ads for blank CDR media in bulk as low as $1.19 per disk! At that price $15 would cover recording, shipping & handling, etc., with as much as $10 a disk left over for Mr. Fish. Anyone else have any thoughts on this? >>

I'd say the above-mentioned Fish deserves considerably more than $10 per. Anyone else?


My editorial comment is that Pat deserves all our first born. But what would he do with them all?



Kirk Biglione

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