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Conspiracy Theories

From: Gary McBride <>
Date: Wed 19 Nov 1997 - 10:37:21 PST

>I'd say the above-mentioned Fish deserves considerably more than $10
>per. Anyone else?

I'd say $10 per is more than generous, considering that's $10 more than most artists make off such bootlegs.

While I agree that as long as this stuff is not commercially available elsewhere it's fair game, I'd suggest someone check with an attorney about all this...especially Pat, as he's the one with contracts on any recorded works. All this discussion could literally end up as a legal "conspiracy"...

Also keep in mind that Velvel Records, current Fire catalog licensees in the US, are considering re-releasing one or more Butcher titles next summer as mid-line CDs. They have rights to: Distressed Gentlefolk, Bath of Bacon, Sex and Travel, and Scandal in Bohemia. (drool...covet...fetish...)

Unfortunately, my contact at Velvel is departing this week--I was hoping to have some influence to encourage the release and convince them there is an audience for those titles. Even discussed sublicensing the titles, but $10K seemed to be the baseline for discussion plus production costs and royalties, which is rather too rich for my blood. I may have created some spark of motivation with my discussions, so who knows?

Also, if the Gurus returned rights to Pat and Max for the Big Time titles, can't the homegrown duplicaton process begin there? Received on Wed Nov 19 10:37:21 1997

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