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Re: Conspiracy Theories, a JBC Library, and Copyright issues.

From: Will Nerini <>
Date: Wed 19 Nov 1997 - 16:50:23 PST

> From: Walter Alden Tackett <>
> To: Gary McBride <>
> Cc: Jazz Butcher List <>
> Subject: Re: Conspiracy Theories
> Date: Wednesday, November 19, 1997 12:51 PM
> I think that it would be a REALLY good idea to organize a petition on the
> list, and present it to Velvel Records. Several hundred signatures (or
> whatever) couldn't hurt.

        Well, I think a petition is a _GREAT_ idea. i've been assembling an internet radio station, and the licensing is psychotic. Under a general BMI agreement, I'm _MORE_OR_LESS covered, but i need to worry about Duplication rights. I am after all making COPIES of these works to distribute. Ach, it's a nightmare.

        The best bet if folks wanted to actually somehow purchase the rights would be to get a fund together and hire an entertainment lawyer to do the negotiations, this would require incorporation of a business to buy them, etc. It could be done, but we'd need a reliable person to head this, and organize everyone, not
too easy.   Received on Wed Nov 19 16:50:23 1997

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