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From: Stan Cierlitsky <>
Date: Thu 20 Nov 1997 - 07:33:06 PST

Hello Again Everyone,

Here is the most recent update of the bidding. I have added a couple more items at the bottom (these will definately be the last additions).

I'm sorry if some of you have been "offended" by me selling off part of my collection. These items are the only copies I have - I did not purchase extras to "exploit" fellow fans. Those of you who do not like what i'm doing can go on calling me "exploiter" or "profiteer" or tell me "to fuck off"... whatever. I have just as much right to post here as anyone, and based upon the vast number of responses I have gotten I think a lot of people don't mind me being around.

I print my subject line in capital letters, so you know it's me and if you don't want to read them... don't.

Cheers to those interested,
Stan "The Exploiter"

ITEM 1: The Jazz Butcher In Bath Of Bacon UK LP (GLALP 002) $25 (n3xye) ITEM 2: The Jazz Butcher Sing Marnie And 4 Other Great Tunes On A Glass Record UK 12" (GLASS 12033) $45 (del)
ITEM 3: The Jazz Butcher V Max Eider "Conspiracy" UK 12" (GLAEP 104) - With Gold NAIRD Award Winner Sticker On Cover. $20 (wnerini)


ITEM 4:  Girl Go UK CD5 (CRESCD 077) $15 (lpadsepk)
ITEM 5:  Spooky CAN CD (872 183-2) - Canadian CD $45 (Hartman.Clint)
ITEM 6:  The Gift Of Music UK CD (GLEXCD 101) $100 (speedbump)
ITEM 7:  Black Eg UK CD (CRE CD 086) $30 (Hartman.Clint)

ITEM 8: Distressed Gentlefolk UK CD (GLACD 020) $55 (dallant) ITEM 9: Big Planet Scarey Planet UK CD (CRECD 049) $25 (lpadsepk) ITEM 10: Fishcoteque UK CD (CRELP 027 CD) $30 (fenton)

ITEM 11: Max Eider "The Best Kisser In The World" US CD (Big Time 6046) $50 (del)

ITEM 12: Illumination UK CD (CRECD 182) ITEM 13: Cult Of The Basement US CD (RUS 83-2) Received on Thu Nov 20 07:33:06 1997

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