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Petition is up and running!

From: Gary McBride <>
Date: Thu 20 Nov 1997 - 10:15:42 PST

As reported earlier, a friend of mine on the inside indicates Velvel Records is _considering_ release some or all of the four Jazz Butcher titles they have licensed from Fire. They are: "Bath of Bacon", "Sex and Travel", "Scandal in Bohemia" and "Distressed Gentlefolk". Alas, my friend has left Velvel, so I've lost that connection, however...

The suggestion has been made that we collect a petition to submit to Velvel showing them dozens, or hundreds, or even thousands of Jazz Butcher faithful who will queue up to purchase all four of these title if they're re-released.

To sign the petition, go to:

PLEASE, let's keep this dignified and credible. Sign only once with your real name and e-mail address. (But feel free to encourage your friends to sign.
Or add a link to the petition on your homepage or in your e-mail signature.)

So sign up to "Release the Jazz Butcher!" You have nothing to lose but your cash.

G Received on Thu Nov 20 10:15:42 1997

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