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Re: Conspiracy Theories

From: <>
Date: Thu 20 Nov 1997 - 15:09:17 PST

In a message dated 97-11-20 01:58:31 EST, writes:

<< I think that it would be a REALLY good idea to organize a petition on the  list, and present it to Velvel Records. Several hundred signatures (or  whatever) couldn't hurt. >>

                                        Sounds good to Me! It helped get the
                                         "Strange Times" disc released by
Geffen,7 years
                                         after the album was released! I know
there is a 
                                         different set of issues dealing with
rights,etc. - but 
                                         if a little pen-pushing can get to
Geffen.....I mean,
                                          Who gives a shit about the
Chameleons(apart from
                                           Their fans like Myself)?This was
when Nirvana was the
                                         flavour of the times.........By the
way,I hope that some
                                         money aquired from these "auctions"
goes to the JBC
                                          "Charity Box"...............HH
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