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Re: Petition is up and running!

From: Hank Tomczak <>
Date: Thu 20 Nov 1997 - 19:09:56 PST

WOW - I responded as soon as I got this message and the when I checked the guestbook 20 of you guys already had responded. Keep this up and we'll have early digital butcher in no time!

Gary McBride wrote:
> As reported earlier, a friend of mine on the inside indicates Velvel
> Records is _considering_ release some or all of the four Jazz Butcher
> titles they have licensed from Fire. They are: "Bath of Bacon", "Sex and
> Travel", "Scandal in Bohemia" and "Distressed Gentlefolk". Alas, my friend
> has left Velvel, so I've lost that connection, however...
> The suggestion has been made that we collect a petition to submit to Velvel
> showing them dozens, or hundreds, or even thousands of Jazz Butcher
> faithful who will queue up to purchase all four of these title if they're
> re-released.
> To sign the petition, go to:
> PLEASE, let's keep this dignified and credible. Sign only once with your
> real name and e-mail address. (But feel free to encourage your friends to
> sign.
> Or add a link to the petition on your homepage or in your e-mail signature.)
> So sign up to "Release the Jazz Butcher!" You have nothing to lose but
> your cash.
> Cheers,
> G
Received on Thu Nov 20 19:09:56 1997

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