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Trade Copies?

From: Jennifer Comeau <>
Date: Fri 21 Nov 1997 - 12:45:00 PST

 Hi everyone,  

     I do not have the money (*snif*) to bid on my own copy of Fishcoteque. I  have searched for it for a year in used CD shops. I am willing to settle for a  cassette dubbing of someone else's CD. To me, the music counts more than the  media it is on.

     Here's my offer-  

 I have on CD:

              Big Planet, Scarry Planet
              Cult of the Basement
              Condition Blue       
              Waiting for the Love Bus
 I have on Vinyl:
              Scandal in Bohemia
              Distressed Gentlefolk

 For anyone who is desperately searching for these titles and cannot afford  auction prices, I will make one good quality dubbing of any title in my  collection in exchange for each good quality dubbing of any title in yours  which I do not have.  

 *Especially Fishcoteque*  

 On this list, I have only seen anyone trading copies of bootlegs and DATs.  I do hope there are some of you out there searching for something that I can  help you with, but I don't have a CD burner or a DAT recorder.  

 I can only offer you cassette copies. That's all I ask in return.  


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Received on Fri Nov 21 12:45:00 1997
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