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copyright violation

From: <>
Date: Fri 21 Nov 1997 - 13:12:44 PST

Another lurker emerges..

> It's no different than making a tape of an
> album for a friend.

Actually, that is illegal too. As is lending the music or unauthorized public performance. ASCAP and BMI are pretty strict about how these rules applythey  even make businesses pay a fee for having a radio in a public place! I agree that distributing the CD's is the same as copying tapes, though. I've been searching CD stores literally all over the world for Jazz Butcher stuff, and I still only have about half of the collection, so CD copies would be a great thing. I even have a CD burner. We should not, however, fool ourselves into thinking any of this is not copyright violation. Heck, every time you photocopy something from a book or magazine, you're breaking the law!

-Ken Miller

shouting at the postman online: Received on Fri Nov 21 13:12:44 1997

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