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RE: copyright violation

From: <>
Date: Fri 21 Nov 1997 - 14:05:18 PST

Ken Miller sez:

> > It's no different than making a tape of an
> > album for a friend.
> Actually, that is illegal too. As is lending the music or unauthorized public
> performance. ASCAP and BMI are pretty strict about how these rules apply-
> they even make businesses pay a fee for having a radio in a public place! I
> agree that distributing the CD's is the same as copying tapes, though. I've
> been searching CD stores literally all over the world for Jazz Butcher stuff,
> and I still only have about half of the collection, so CD copies would be a
> great thing. I even have a CD burner. We should not, however, fool ourselves
> into thinking any of this is not copyright violation. Heck, every time you
> photocopy something from a book or magazine, you're breaking the law!

Nope. There's a fair use provision -- as long as you don't copy the whole thing, you're okay.

But what this list is contemplating is quite another thing, and quite illegal, not to mention conspiratorial. And I'm not being cute. My suggestion is you all cut it out or take it private now.

R Received on Fri Nov 21 14:05:18 1997

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