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I Want Your Gear

From: <>
Date: Mon 24 Nov 1997 - 14:31:01 PST

Dear Anybody,

Yes, and I see now that I am too late for the auction, having been out of town for the past 2 weeks. The shirts I would've wanted are sold, and I've only been searching now 7 years for one, just one, JBC t-shirt and/or poster.

So, what else can I do but offer up what I can for whatever goods may be hiding in YOUR bureau drawer at this very moment?

Please, though, have a heart and do not taunt me with "I've got this and you can't have it" messages, a bunch of which I received the last time I tried this.

I will pay $40 for any XL t-shirt in decent condition. Particularly, I'm looking for one of those Condition Blue shirts from '92, like the one I decided not to buy at the last minute during the show because.....well, I don't know why. Also, the Big Planet.... shirt described in the auction sounded quite nice. I might go higher.

Meanwhile, I used to have a huge blue tour poster from that same '92 US/Canada stint, until an old roommate of mine threw it away by accident.  Does anyone have one? Will puke up $20 for it. Maybe more.

All Be Well,

  • PS, Boston MA
Received on Mon Nov 24 14:31:01 1997
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