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From: Stan Cierlitsky <>
Date: Wed 26 Nov 1997 - 07:00:28 PST

> Given the efforts that many people on this list have made to help out
> others, make tapes of boots, and to provide specific bits of info, this
> just chips away at whatever level of community had been established.

I've been quiet long enough...

This is just a fucking load of crap. I'm selling off my collection to help my wife pay for her education and to come up with a down payment for a home. I have a huge CD collection of over 1600 CDs that I have been collecting for about 15 years. I love my CD collection, but I love my wife as well. I have been on several other mailing lists for years now where I have sent people copies of CDs that I have found FOR NOTHING (when money wasn't so important)!!! It just so happens that now I need the money, so I am selling off CDs that I love... I picked Butcher CDs to sell because I am happy enough with the compilations and the tapes I have made (at least for now). I have also sold off most of my Smiths collection, Stone Roses collection and a few Wedding Present collectables...

I am not forcing anyone to pay $20 for those CDs... All that means is that I wouldn't part with them for less. I am a LONG FUCKING TIME Butcher fan, and I am sick of some of you bastards making me out to be some kind of corporate monster. I bought my first Butcher album about 15 years ago... What do you think? That I am some big record company chain that is looking to screw over the great Butcher fans of the world. That's enough of an explanation... My auction is over tomorrow morning.

I have received many bids from people on this list and I will finish with them off-list. I will then leave the rest of you to go on crying about what an exploiter and profiteer and overall bastard I really was.........

Sorry to have been such a bother!!!

Stan Received on Wed Nov 26 07:00:28 1997

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