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From: Frangooles, Bob <>
Date: Wed 26 Nov 1997 - 15:35:51 PST

Well c'mon now...let's not rain on this too much. The guy has some stuff which he is willing to part with, but he has set a value below which he does not think he would part with it. We have the opportunity to pay that price (or whatever the price goes to) or not to pay it. That is our choice, he isn't holding a gun to anyones head.

As for chipping away at any community I am involved at the moment with someone on the list in exchanging some doesn't seem to have affected the ability to do that. If people value the particular items enough that they are willing to pay for them, let them pay. Yes the stuff may be re-issued and available at a latter date for a lesser price, but even then that would probably not affect the value of some of the original items for a collector who likes that kind of stuff.

That being said, I am compiling a list of some of my extras and will exchange that with anyone who would be interested in trading for some of them. Trades only for this list.

Bob Frangooles
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>Sent: Wednesday, November 26, 1997 2:11 PM
>Subject: Re: FINAL UPDATE
>>>ITEM 13: Cult Of The Basement US CD (RUS 83-2) - Minimum $20
>>Christ, I just saw this used the other day, for a hefty $3.99. Should I go
>>back and buy it for somebody?
>There's no doubt that a $20 minimum bid stipulation changes the whole
>context of this particular auction. It now reeks of expoitation rather than
>someone simply clearing out some things they no longer want to an audience
>of eager fans.
>Given the efforts that many people on this list have made to help out
>others, make tapes of boots, and to provide specific bits of info, this
>just chips away at whatever level of community had been established.
Received on Wed Nov 26 15:35:51 1997

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