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From: Gregor Young <>
Date: Wed 26 Nov 1997 - 17:25:36 PST

>This is just a fucking load of crap. I'm selling off my collection to
>help my wife pay for her education and to come up with a down payment
>for a home. I have a huge CD collection of over 1600 CDs that I have
>been collecting for about 15 years. I love my CD collection, but I love
>my wife as well. I have been on several other mailing lists for years
>now where I have sent people copies of CDs that I have found FOR NOTHING
>(when money wasn't so important)!!! It just so happens that now I need
>the money, so I am selling off CDs that I love... I picked Butcher CDs
>to sell because I am happy enough with the compilations and the tapes I
>have made (at least for now). I have also sold off most of my Smiths
>collection, Stone Roses collection and a few Wedding Present

You've walked into a room where people have been helping each other to find bits and pieces of the JBC collection and are offering to sell "Cult of the Basement" used for almost double what I bought it for new. You are replacing trust and camaraderie with opportunism.
>I am not forcing anyone to pay $20 for those CDs... All that means is
>that I wouldn't part with them for less. I am a LONG FUCKING TIME
>Butcher fan, and I am sick of some of you bastards making me out to be
>some kind of corporate monster.

I would've had no problem with what you are doing if you weren't affixing minimum bids, particularly for readily available CDs. But you're not prepared to just be happy that some people will pay very high amounts for the rarer elements of your collection. You are insisting that nobody is going to get anything resembling a deal on your recently added items. You'd rather eat the loss. I don't see why you can't accept that people are and should be a bit perturbed. I'm glad for the people who are willing to pay what they've bid for your CD's and I'm even glad, in a way, that it's helping you reach some goals, but insisting on $20 for Cult etc. just taints the exercise. Received on Wed Nov 26 17:25:36 1997

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