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the best things in life are free

From: <>
Date: Wed 26 Nov 1997 - 18:03:38 PST

        OH COME ON NOW!!???
        Fuck, most of the people on the list work for a living.. so I'm sure 
that I'll buy into that lot of land. The point the opposition was trying to make is that all of this expense is in fact exploitive. I remember paying import prices on most of my collection.. around 45$ a shot. The damn condition blue was not even out here when Pat came into town- so I ended up having to wheel and deal for my copy. Pat's "Ed's" release by rough trade has a photo on the sleeve that I took and I still havent managed a copy. So what does it all mean? Well, I don't mind that you're making some cash on your collection (and that in fact is what it is.. extra bullshit) but I just wish that you put a lid on the price. 100$ for a cd. Damnation. See, its not that I mind that you're making money on this auction- but how much is enough? Why couldnt you have set a price, and taken the first bid that met your mark? Still and all, I hardly think you're up to the discussion. So enjoy! CHACHKING!
Bradman. Received on Wed Nov 26 18:03:38 1997
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