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From: Sonia Bovio <>
Date: Wed 26 Nov 1997 - 18:06:20 PST

Since we're all feeling so generous nowadays, I feel it's the appropriate time to beg for a tape (or an actual product if someone's got an extra) of that one-off "JBC" recording -- I can't even remember what the song was now. It was released probably around 1990 and was a cross-over attempt without using the full band name (ringing a bell to anyone yet?). I was going to buy it but was told, "don't bother" so the one time I had my hands on it I stupidly passed it by.

So, if anyone's got it, I'd trade for a tape (I've got a lot of JBC related stuff -- a fairly complete collection of tangential bands) or even offer up some cash for a real copy. I'm sure it's not that great, but I'd really like to hear it.

  • Sonia
Received on Wed Nov 26 18:06:20 1997
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