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fishcotheque, spacemen 3

From: Gregor Young <>
Date: Fri 28 Nov 1997 - 14:28:36 PST

Got lucky browsing through the used CDs at Zulu Records and managed to find Fishcotheque to replace my aging cassette version. Also there, if anyone's interested were three copies of Condition Blue ($6.98 CDN), a vinyl Fishcotheque for only $2.98 (though I don't know how well it would do in the mail) and a Fire compilation of the Spacemen 3's Glass singles. It was a double LP (can't remember the name now) and looked new (but it was used), and it was going for $12.98.

If there's interest, let me know, and I'll pick them up.

..Who is still in shock at the way the police treated protesters at the President Chang convention (annual APEC meeting featuring Jiang Zeming, Suharto, Clinton, and a bunch of other Pacific Rim leaders) here at UBC. Hundreds of people were pepper sprayed for protesting behind fences and for peacefully blocking a road that was to be used later. Our glorious leader, Jean Chretien dismissed the whole incident with a joke that showed the same sort of arrogance you would expect from that thug Suharto. It was probably the first time I have ever felt something approaching shame at being Canadian. People like to think that by engaging despots you can bring them round to a more civilized way of dealing with their citizens, but the danger is that some of the menace rubs off and you become a little more like them. Rant over. Received on Fri Nov 28 14:28:36 1997

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