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The Posters have arrived!!

From: David Whittemore <>
Date: Sat 29 Nov 1997 - 13:24:39 PST

just what the subject line says - the rest of the posters took an extra month to arrive, but they have. they are now listed on the JBC auction page : and scans will come up as i get the time to do them.

generally - all posters are in fantastic shape, no tears, tape marks, or un-expected stupidity.

AUCTION RULE CHANGE - i am lowering the 14-day "sit" limit to one week; if a bid doesnt change for 7 days, the item is yours. i want to get this thing over with before the millenium.

Sonia - that `that one-off "JBC" recording' from 1990 is the dance single "We Love You" released as "JBC". vinyl only. my turntable is not functional - can someone help this poor girl out?

GENERAL NASTINESS - if you got something to sell, please put it up on a website somewhere (geocities get you for free) and drop an announcement here. if you need webspace, i will consider donating a corner on adjective to host your lists. feater-ruffling, however unintended really makes this an unpleasant place.

> So, like, if anyone is pursuing the Home JBC Glass CD Companion project
> please keep me informed!

and do it discretely.

> thank all of you who are listing "finds" for the havenots.

yup. go bradman - got your photos, thanks.


also, i periodically check they are able to get their hands on LOTS of shit, but the prices are all over the map and they take forever. that said - i was able to pick up a few JBC albums.

-david Received on Sat Nov 29 13:24:39 1997

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