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Re: Non-Auction Related - Top 5

From: <>
Date: Sat 29 Nov 1997 - 16:51:51 PST

Stan, yer crazy. How about these:

  1. Soul Happy Hour (easily the winner)
  2. DRINK
  3. The Good Ones
  4. Harlan
  5. Just Like Betty Page

Runners-up: 'Big Old Wind' and 'Whaddya?' A list of five isn't fair - we all know our opinions change depending on our mood. I can say for sure that my LEAST favorite Butcher cut is 'Angels.' While it seems to be a favorite, this song is much too sappy for it's own good, though the opening line is cool.

  • PR Smith, Boston MA
Received on Sat Nov 29 16:51:51 1997
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