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From: <>
Date: Mon 01 Dec 1997 - 22:40:18 PST

     Thanks for responding so promptly. I've been a Butcher fan from the early 80's on. It never occured to me that in 1997 I'd be sitting at this computer finding others of the same musical ilk. I found out about the mailing list and website through a strange and coincidental happening. There was an add in the classifieds of a local northwest music paper. It read that Pat Fish and Max Eider were auditioning drum & bass for a one off gig in the states. I thought it was a joke. I called and yes they were performing in San Fran. At this point I found out there was a site on the internet and also called to obtain tickets! I couldn't utilize the mailing list until now. The San Fran. show was unreal. I'd given up hope on seeing them perform live again. I've seen them several times - twice in London and once in Phila.
I have a tendency toward SCANDAL IN BOHEMIA - for the discovery, FISHCOTHEQUE - it does contain Looking for Lot 49 and Next Move Sideways, and CONDITION BLUE - name says it all... Thanks again. Stephanie Received on Mon Dec 1 22:40:18 1997

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