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All Quiet..

From: <>
Date: Thu 15 Oct 1998 - 15:37:18 PDT

Where is everyone - locked inside the bizarre 80's timewarp that is the Legendary Jim Ruiz Group CD (I think I like it, no I do like it - except the drumming on the first song - what do you make of that Pat?) - but talk about the JBC meets Orange Juice meets The Farmers Boys meets....?!

Anyway, I just wanted to tell anyone who gets this stuff in the UK and who happens to be at a loose end on Saturday to make their way to The Joseph's Well Pub (Hanover Walk, off Hanover Way - tel 0113 2031861) in Leeds to see 'Visa'. They should be on at about 9ish.

 Any group whose guitarist/songwriter received a postcard from Pat on his eighteenth birthday (with a tank on it if anyone is interested - but no hairbrush) deserves your support - by the way Pat (if you're listening) he gave up on the Accordian.

Just think this could be one of those nights when in years to come you can say "God, I remember them when...."

Thanks for your time - (makes a change from another Bauhaus review anyway, doesn't it?)

Iain Received on Thu Oct 15 15:38:30 1998

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