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Re: strange goings on.

From: Matthew Fogel <>
Date: Sat 14 Nov 1998 - 19:45:40 PST

Mister Lyons wrote:

> At 07:28 PM 14-11-98 -0500, you wrote:
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> damn.
> he got a little pissy.
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Cool about the tapes, sad about Adjective. What if we all grabbed a free geocities/xoom what have you web page then emailed David our free webpasswords....he could dump one page on each "homepage"...okay, it was just an idea....or and this really sucks....he could launch a triplex site to support adjective....but think of the money...think of the hits. even less reputable is sending people searching for what not to JBC and Sumosonic central instead...

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you know, a triplex site...a site where they build a three unit
apartment building...there's money in that you know.
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