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Jazz Butcher: How MAD Are You?

From: David Whittemore <>
Date: Fri 20 Nov 1998 - 09:36:37 PST

hey all.

got the following note from pat this morning:

	Sitting around the house with Curtis and Terry Walpole a week or
	so ago - we came up with a plot. 
	It occurred to us that we could liven up the site and have ourselves a
	deep larrrf if we were to entice those who use the site to join in a
	little competition entitled 
	Folks send in photos of themselves, their loved ones, their family
	pets, whatever...being MAD in jbc leisurewear. The maddest ones
	win prizes, which we have prepared over here (home-made CDs of
	Jazz Butcher-type slush produced in the living room on a
	commission basis, basically). 
	It may be, of course, that Mad Brody Culpepper and Mad Terence
	Walpole have already got this thing sown up. 
	Love, Pat 

so.. check out the latest addition to the Jazz Butcher website:

and don't anybody tell the Von Daemmerung's about it!

-david Received on Fri Nov 20 09:42:43 1998

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