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Re: Jazz Butcher: How MAD Are You?

From: 'Syd' Meats <>
Date: Sat 21 Nov 1998 - 09:39:45 PST

In article <>, David Whittemore <> writes
> Folks send in photos of themselves, their loved ones, their family
> pets, whatever...being MAD in jbc leisurewear. The maddest ones
> win prizes, which we have prepared over here (home-made CDs of
> Jazz Butcher-type slush produced in the living room on a
> commission basis, basically).

Don't know if this qualifies as being mad, but somehere I've got a photo of me sitting in an abandoned tank in Managua wearing a JBC New Invention ( yellow on white ) T Shirt. If I can find it I'll scan it.


'Syd' Meats, Southampton, UK < insert your own witty quote or anti-spam advice here > Received on Sat Nov 21 09:48:35 1998
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