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Like a fish to water..

From: David Whittemore <>
Date: Sun 29 Nov 1998 - 23:51:05 PST

i think pat's getting the hang of this computer stuff.. this missive ended up in my inbox and unsettled my stuffed stomach:

> Been talking to Deirdre O'Donoghue, who put me on to Jimmy Webb's website.
> (Pause for humorous plays on words)
> On visiting, it turns out that Jim is running a survey among his visitors
> as to their top songs of all time. His plot is to come up with a Top 100 Tunes
> affair. Each visitor can vote for ten tunes.
> Now, at the moment, Jim is only displaying tunes that have amassed 5 votes
> or more. Unsurprisingly, there are a lot of his tunes in there. No. 1 is,
> quite correctly, God Only Knows. Thing is, there are only 47 tunes up
> there that HAVE amassed five or more votes. I THINK that bottom of the list
> (with, presumably, 5 votes) is Your Piece Of Crap, sorry, Song by Elton John.
> So...uh...if we can mobilise just six jbc list fiends (and, of course,
> get the fuckers to agree on one song) we can get a Butch tune up there
> with all this Paul McCartney, Jim Webb, Brian Wilson, Ray Davies shit.
> Which would have a LOT of coke-addled rich middle-aged American hippies
> scratching their beautifully oiled heads.
> We need to tell them what tune to vote for, don't we?
> How about Cowgirl Fever?
> I mean, we're getting to close to Eric Cartman for Time Man Of The Year
> with that, I feel. (Fuck it, I don't care what tune it is, as long as
> they agree.....Water?)
> Go forth, Dave, and mess up the lives of Real Songwriting Lovers everywhere!
> It's (and this may come as a surprise...)
> Go get 'em!
> Yours megalomaniacally,
> Pat
> xxx

alright.. Water is the song, is the website.

feel free to round-out the 10 songs with 9 of your other JBC favorites.

this'll never work, but what the fuck!

(still waiting more JBC fans in JBC attire photo scans -

        see for details

-david Received on Sun Nov 29 23:52:36 1998

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