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Go vote yourself!

From: Scott Deschaine <>
Date: Tue 01 Dec 1998 - 19:36:30 PST

I too voted for "Water" as one of the hundred best songs on the World Wide Webb site. We should keep track of the votes and see if this poll is really legit. Will "Water" actually show up on the list???

On another note, SUMOSONIC's "This is Sumo" is fantastic! Lots of people who like the JAZZ BUTCHER don't realize that Mr. Pat Fish (the Butch himself) has cut a wildly fun new CD with a great band called SUMOSONIC. Track down THIS IS SUMO!! Loads of fun!

THIS IS SUMO is available from

AB-CD at or

Siren CD at or

call Music Machine in Owings Mills, MD at (410) 356-4567

Already have a copy yourself? Buy one for a friend for Christmas! Imagine dancing around the tree to the great Sumosonic song "Everything is Wonderful!"

Anyone have any news on upcoming Jazz Butcher or Sumosonic recordings? Received on Tue Dec 1 19:24:06 1998

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