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jbc pix

From: ruse <>
Date: Fri 04 Dec 1998 - 10:54:36 PST

Don't Rush It Now Kevin?

Also I've found some old Photo's ov thee JB & friends live in various venues in London.
If any1's interested, whats the easiest way of distribution / viewing? My ISP gives 5mb webspace, but this option could be lenghty because i've not published a web page before.

C'mon you JBConspirator's waddya say?
ps thanks howsey!

"I used to have a pair of red trousers once, and when I walked around in northampton in them people would point and shout GAY PUNK ROCKER!" translated from the jb circa '85, London. Received on Fri Dec 4 11:03:53 1998

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