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Re: Go vote yourself!

From: Steven J Hall <>
Date: Mon 07 Dec 1998 - 08:25:32 PST

> > So...uh...if we can mobilise just six jbc list fiends (and, of course,
> > get the fuckers to agree on one song) we can get a Butch tune up there
> > with all this Paul McCartney, Jim Webb, Brian Wilson, Ray Davies shit.
> > (Fuck it, I don't care what tune it is, as long as
> > they agree.....Water?)
> alright.. Water is the song, is the website.

I just placed my vote, and I can't believe how many of us have actually placed the votes on this site! One problem though, which may be keeping Pat out of the top ten - for the artist people have put The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy, The Jazz Butcher, Jazz Butcher, Pat Fish, Pat Fish/The Jazz Butcher... I doubt their program is smart enough to figure this one out.

Steven J Hall
Metairie LA
Received on Mon Dec 7 08:32:49 1998
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