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From: Steven J Hall <>
Date: Mon 07 Dec 1998 - 08:30:20 PST

Scott Deschaine wrote:
> On another note, SUMOSONIC's "This is Sumo" is fantastic! Lots of people who
> like the JAZZ BUTCHER don't realize that Mr. Pat Fish (the Butch himself) has
> cut a wildly fun new CD with a great band called SUMOSONIC. Track down THIS IS
> SUMO!! Loads of fun!

I agree, and I never knew why this list has talked so little about Sumosonic. This is, without a doubt, my favorite release from ANY band in the last few years. It's unlike anything else I've ever heard, although I admit I shelter my listening within a few bands (and collect everything I can find from these bands). I describe _This is Sumo_ as a mix of rock, rap, techno, pop, and dance all jammed up and psychedelicized. As much as I hated seeing the demise of the JBC, Sumosonic made the end well worth it. Creation did Pat and themselves a serious disservice by not attempting to put Sumosonic in the forefront (or doing anything AT ALL to market it, even on their own web site).

On this subject, last I heard Pat was sifting through stacks of offers from record companies. Is there any news yet - has Pat signed to anybody and does he plan to sign as Sumosonic or JBC? Most important, how long before we get new music?!!

Steven J Hall
Metairie LA
Received on Mon Dec 7 08:36:06 1998
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