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Re: Go vote yourself!

From: Matthew Fogel <>
Date: Mon 07 Dec 1998 - 13:39:50 PST

Steven J Hall wrote:

> > >I just placed my vote, and I can't believe how many of us have actually
> placed the votes on this site! One problem though, which may be keeping
> Pat out of the top ten - for the artist people have put The Jazz Butcher
> Conspiracy, The Jazz Butcher, Jazz Butcher, Pat Fish, Pat Fish/The Jazz
> Butcher... I doubt their program is smart enough to figure this one
> out.

Doesn't need to be a bad thing though. Vote for Water by the JBC, Water by Pat Fish, Water by the Jazz Butcher...etc...use up all ten votes....we shall elevatePat to the forfront of the writing art. (mind you, he does quite well in his own right.)

> Steven J Hall
> Metairie LA
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