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Butch sound-alikes

From: David E. Zembower <>
Date: Tue 08 Dec 1998 - 09:58:04 PST

There was, in the not-too-distant past, some talk of artists that have that "Butch" feeling to their music. A band that was tossed around quite a bit was Legendary Jim Ruiz Group. Consequently, I ran out and purchased Sniff, on the recommendation of several list members. Bottom line; it sucks. Man, what horrible vocalists Jim and his wife are. The music has a good loungy feeling, but the singing kills the whole experience for me.

On a similar note, I'm sure most of you have heard Tropicalia, a new single by Beck that is getting pretty good airplay. Anyone else out there feel the Butchiness in that song? Pretty good CD, too, overall.

Finally, another artist I mentioned before is Hank Shizzoe, a Swiss artist who is generally promoted as a Blues musician. I know its a stretch, since his style is quite different from JBC, but I immensely enjoy his stuff. Sort of reminds me of Line of Death, but you might not hear that. If you're not familiar with him, you can actually download several entire songs in RA format from his website ( These songs are from his new CD called Plenty of Time which, being an import, I have not successfully located yet. I'd be interested to hear what my fellow listmembers think, and would be eternally grateful to anyone who could locate a copy of POT and send it to me.

David Zembower Received on Tue Dec 8 10:06:23 1998

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