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Max writes about Drugs

From: David Whittemore <>
Date: Tue 22 Dec 1998 - 12:46:10 PST

the following is from our friend Pat.

   Had dinner with Max on saturday night.    

   Late in the evening Max produced a beautifully produced slim    volume, published by Channel 4 TV and entitled "The A.B.C. Of Drugs". It    was produced to accompany a recent TV series on that channel, and it is    exactly what it claims to be. Not just speed n acid neither, but drink,    coffee, the lot. The thing is this: Max wrote it.    

   Uh-huh, that's right children, you heard right.    Max has written a book called "The A.B.C. Of Drugs".    How cool is that?    

   I asked him if he'd have any problems with the idea of putting a link on    the JBC site. He had no problems. He must know what he's got himself    into here.    

   Fans may be keen to read the section on drinking alone.    (Well, I bet the Bigrig Industries people will, anyway).    

   Basically, the whole shebang can be accessed on the Channel 4 website.    And the book can be ordered from: The ABC of Drugs, PO Box4000,    MANCHESTER M60 3LL, England.    

   Have a Christmas,


an excerpt:

	Ecstasy - Why People Use It

Your heart and breathing speed up and your body temperature rises, your mouth dries up, your jaw tightens and you lose your appetite. You may also feel a laxative effect. However, these symptoms aren't generally why people use the drug.

i personally think the perfect x-day present would be an Eider-signed copy of this pamphlet!

-david Received on Tue Dec 22 12:43:45 1998

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