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Re: Max writes about Drugs

From: Steven J Hall <>
Date: Tue 22 Dec 1998 - 16:53:56 PST

If this was written by Max, why isn't he credited on the website? Pseudonym?

Website credits:

Produced by BSS to accompany Drugs Uncovered a season of programmes exploring drug-related issues, first shown on Channel 4 in autumn 1998

  Writer: Peter Millson
  Editor: Paula Snyder
  Consultant and additional material: Dr Ron Alcorn, consultant psychiatrist in problems of substance misuse   images: Science Photo Library, Network Photographers, Photofusion. All images copywrite control.

  For printed copies of this publication, please send a postal order or cheque (made payable to Channel 4 Television) for #1.00 (to cover postage and
  packing) to:

  The ABC of Drugs
  PO Box 4000
  Manchester M60 3LL

  Or you can telephone 0990 44 66 99.

Steven J Hall
Metairie LA
Received on Tue Dec 22 17:05:59 1998
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