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The A to Z of Drugs : an imaginary song

From: 'Syd' Meats <>
Date: Wed 23 Dec 1998 - 09:18:20 PST

Fellow screen gazers,

This idea is the product of my warped mind. Following on from Max's authorship of the A to Z of drugs, I'm imagining Pat and Max singing a glass-era type ditty about drug taking.

The song features light jazzy guitar chord progressions, and is similar to D.R.I.N.K. in tempo.

Here is a sample of lyrics :

My oh my, we feel so high
We're educated, medicated by and by
We're very well read in the A to Zed of Drugs

Singing A,B,C,D, give me an E
F,G,H, I could use a J
We're so well read in the A to Zed of Drugs

Pat [spoken] "Skin up, Max"
Max [spoken] "Don't mind if I do"

[ insane kazoo solo + stoned laughter ]

My oh my, we feel so high
( Some incoherent lyric about 8 ounce fly )* We're so well read in the A to Zed of Drugs

  • Note : this bit comes from a discussion in this group about the lyrics to The Human Jungle. Someone thought "8 ounce fly" was in there somewhere.
    You can add your own bits if you like. Well, it's kept me amused all day.

Have a good festive one, and party like it's, er, 1999


'Syd' Meats, Southampton, UK YAHEE!! It's The Electric Banana - Received on Wed Dec 23 09:20:46 1998
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