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This is Sumo

From: Steven J Hall <>
Date: Mon 05 Jan 1998 - 10:19:30 PST

I just spoke to the supplier I use for European releases about the Jan 26th release of Sumosonic's _This is Sumo_ (Creation records number CRECD204),and they told me they can easily get Creation releases. If you need a copy and don't mind mail order (which is probably your best bet in this case - these were the people who were able to get _Illuminate_ for me), give them a call. They are Music Machine in Owings Mills MD, 410/356-4567.

Hopes this helps some of you out!

(BTW, any news on the San Francisco concert CD? Loved the show, anxious for the recording!)

Steven J Hall
New Orleans LA
E-Mail: Received on Mon Jan 5 10:19:30 1998
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