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SF show & disc

From: Dave Coverly <>
Date: Tue 06 Jan 1998 - 14:58:54 PST

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>Date: Tue, 6 Jan 1998 17:09:45 EST
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>Fellow Listees,
> In response to Syd's question about the S.F. show I
>too must give a hearty, " c'mon David, unleash the damn thing!" I know David
>wrote awhile ago that the sound quality on Pats' vocal mic was piss poor, but
>I think I speak for most of us( who attended and those that didn't, I was
>lucky enough to be there) when I say I am willing to pay the 20-30 bones it
>costs to have a copy anyway. It was a MOMENTOUS occasion, a dream come true
>for those of us that never caught the JBC with Max in the line-up.
> I implore you to please offer it to the list
>regardless of the quality. I know at least 4 non listees that couldn't attend
>that said they would gladly pay the money for it no matter how it sounds.
> I think it's time for everyone to start begging and
>groveling. The list has been too quiet lately. We should also implore Pat and
>Max to get together for an album and another American show, it is my
>understanding that this is not out of the realm of possibility.
> What does everone think? Make the c.d.s or not? My vote
>has been cast, and it's a big time "YES".....................
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