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Re: SF show & disc

From: Kirk Biglione <>
Date: Wed 07 Jan 1998 - 00:11:35 PST

I agree. It's great to think that these guys might make a bit more money on their music. They certainly deserve it.

However . . . this sounds suspiciously like the sort of business that has always let them (and their fans) down in the past.

Hope for the best.

> As long as it's still on the horizon, I will be happily patient. I
> think we would all prefer to see Pat and Max earn some good money on
> this. My main concern is that this will get stalled in business
> red-tape, and we (the fans) will end up losing. Please keep us up
> to date!
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> Steven J Hall
> New Orleans LA
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Kirk Biglione

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