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The Butcher -v- Tough Day's Replacement

From: Knight H. Berman, Jr. <>
Date: Thu 15 Jan 1998 - 15:07:07 PST

        That Green Day song came on the radio on my way home from work this afternoon, and I passed on my first inclination (that being to change the station) and gave it a listen. Yeah, I can almost see a similarity in that first bit with "The Hairbrush & the Tank"(and David J's "The Vandal & the Saint", the original inspiration for "Hairbrush..."), but that was about it. And, I'll admit, I like Green Day. If the Buzzcock's were made of Play-Do, they would've sounded like Billy Joe and Co.

        But the best news is this:        

         Oh you can get around town
                In a bus
        You can get around town
                In a train
        You can get around town
                In a taxi
        But you can't get around
                In an aeroplane 
        Just replaced my old vinyl of "Up For a Bit with the Pastels" (on
Glass/Big Time) and Man is Side 2 a beautiful thing!! It's playing now and I'm dancing barefoot, etc and doing a BIG shout-out to Kimi T!!

PS: Does anyone know if the Blue Aeroplanes took their name from Richard Brautigan's book "The Abortion?" The excerpt: "Her eyes stopped moving for a few seconds. They came to a crashing halt like blue airplanes." Perhaps there's some historical reference I'm not familiar with....          Received on Thu Jan 15 15:07:07 1998

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