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coming to terms

From: Gregor Young <>
Date: Fri 16 Jan 1998 - 13:48:05 PST

Withdrawal is kicking in. If they were still around it would be about time for another JBC album...

I'm hoping Sumosonic will carry on the traditio of great Pat Fish songs but... I may sound like a dodgy cranky old bastard, but the JBC meant something to me; integrity, compassion, humour, wit, and it's all done now. I've got to stop looking under Jazz Butcher in the record stores as if something new is going to show up.

On a more upbeat note, as Knight pointed out, there is still the Pastels, and Up For a Bit being re-issued is great. My vinyl needs replacing too. "Automatically Yours" is an anthem. There new one is out as well, coincidentally named Illuminati. Received on Fri Jan 16 13:48:05 1998

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