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Re: Re: Re: thoughts...

From: Sydney Meats <>
Date: Tue 20 Jan 1998 - 10:22:51 PST

>From Mon Jan 19 11:21:18 1998

>Message-Id: <>
>From: "Will Nerini" <>
>To: "Jazz Butcher List" <>
>Subject: Re: Re: Re: thoughts...
>Date: Mon, 19 Jan 1998 11:31:34 -0700

>I'd have to say my favorite sound-alike to a JBC song, or maybe it was
>original inspiration is a 1981 song called "warm leatherette". Can't
>the band name, but whoo, it's almost a replica. I found it on some
>80's colletino of music(which I bought for the classic-trash "Pass the
>Dutchie" by musical youth).
>I'll try to get a sample posted somewhere.

I know the song you mean. But what JBC song does that sound like then?

Sydney Meats, Southampton's Leading Weird Bloke

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