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This Is Sumo

From: Bill Pearis <>
Date: Thu 29 Jan 1998 - 09:59:01 PST

So this has been out for four days and nobody's posted about it yet. I have to say, this is a lot different than I thought it was going to be. And had bought Come Friendly Spacemen way back when. It reminds me of, well to be honest, Chumbawumba. And I haven't just heard Tubthumping, either. The weird mix of rap, nice melodies. There's also some Gang Of Four in there as well. I like "Fern, Schell, Gut," "Monks Of Kung Fu" and the lovely "Sputnik." I've oly listened to it twice, though. Not bad at all, though.

For those of you in New York City, I bought my copy at Route 66 on MacDougal (off Bleeker), but I've also seen it at Other Music. Other Music was cheaper, by about a dollar -- they're selling it for $23.99.

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