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Re: The new album: utter c**p

From: Ed Carter <>
Date: Sun 01 Feb 1998 - 03:11:30 PST

One of the occasional postcards from my JBC vacation:

Actually, for what it is worth, I tend to agree more with the subject line that the body of this last post.

CFS, we've heard. God's Green Earth and Sputnik are great too, I have to admit.

The Hand of Von Daemmerung is easy to spot in Destroy All Monsters (hell, I knew that from the song title-- didn't need to listen to it)

Really, though, that's four tracks out of twelve.

The rest kind of just washes past in a nondescript fashion. There's nothing new or different or anything much about it really. I would honestly have preferred it if he'd ripped up all the old Butcher stuff completely and gone bonkers in an attic for a few months. Instead we get a sort of wishy-washy half JBC half who knows what kind of muddle.

Like the man is _scared_ for christ's sake.

I dunno, maybe it's a grower.


> Well, I bought This is Sumo from Tower in London yesterday and its
> absolutely superb!! Come Friendly Spacemen is one of the catchiest
> songs I have ever heard and the general view of the album is that it
> is JBC - The Next Generation. The ol' magic is still there but
> rapidly updated.
> Rather cool I think.
> Im back....and READY TO GO.

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