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The new album

From: Jim Davies <>
Date: Wed 04 Feb 1998 - 07:46:30 PST

WHAT ARE THEY LIKE? I ordered my copy from Virgin. When I picked it up, the customer service guy wouldn't let go until I answered. If I'd had my wits, I'd have said `get a copy, listen to it, and then _you_ tell _me'_.

The real answer could be `eno-pop'. There are no other perpetrators.

AS TO WHETHER IT'S ANY GOOD... it squeaks in above _some_ of them butcher albums (in the all time top eight things like this) though who could say it's better than Illuminate (eh?) but it's almost as good and it's still growing SO YES I THINK SO


p.s. enjoyed the gig, as did katie, lizzie, and jon - 4 out of 4 can't

     be bad

p.p.s. David! thanks for the tapes; unbelievable. Received on Wed Apr 22 17:56:20 1998

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