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The impossible has happened

From: Kirk Biglione <>
Date: Mon 09 Feb 1998 - 14:25:14 PST

Just a few months ago, I, like most on this list, was desperately searching for early Butcher on CD. Although I was fortunate enough to have purchased Big Questions and Gift of Music on CD over a decade ago, disks like Bacon, Scandal, and Gentlefolk remained unobtainable . . . you all know this story too well.

Something about the year-end auctions seemed to strengthen my resolve to find these titles and complete my collection once and for all (after all, the old turntable can't last forever and I'm not holding my breath over any pending reissues).

At some point I came across a site called "The Internet Music Wantlist". Basically you post requests for various titles you'd like to buy and the amount you're willing to pay, then if someone has what you're looking for they contact you. Seemed like a long shot, but what the heck, it's free.

Within a couple of weeks I got a message from someone looking to sell Distressed Gentlefolk. A few weeks later a friend GAVE ME his copy of Bath of Bacon (one of those classic "this obviously means more to you than me so here" type things). Last week I got a message from a guy in canada looking to sell Scandal/Sex and Travel. Well, it arrived today and now I'm complete (at least I think, does anyone know if Hamburg was ever released on CD?).

Sorry for the rambling message, but I just wanted everyone to know about this site. It really works. There must be more people out there willing to part with their vintage Butcher discs.

Speaking of which, I must say I'm a bit stunned to hear the extended rap on the end of "My Desert" (the Yoga, Physics, LSD bit). The last thing I expected to hear on this disk was some new bit on a song I thought I knew so well.

kb   Received on Wed Apr 22 17:56:55 1998

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