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Jazz Butcher on Lloyd Cole & The Smiths

From: <>
Date: Wed 11 Feb 1998 - 15:25:10 PST

The following was posted on the Lloyd Cole mailing list. Thought someone might be interested in reading it.

>>I thought i'd share this excerpt from an interview with the Jazz Butcher
(aka Pat fish) from contrast magazine circa '86.

Nor does their current tag as a sort of "Lloyd Cole and the Smiths gone wrong" outfit describe the anomaly: "I think that's basically because Lloyd Cole and I are the only two people with sensible haircuts in the entire industry.I quite like his music, but to suggest that we're influenced by him is ridiculous.We just have the same record collection, probably. And I quite like the Smiths - I like Morrisey, he's an individual;
he can't sing, but he knows it. It's funny about the Smiths: when we began, everybody thought we were all ha-ha-ha, and the Smiths began and they went 'Poor miserable bastards'. But I notice that the Smiths are getting funnier and funnier, and we're getting more and more miserable, so maybe we're like passing each other and waving out the window..."

i also remember a review of the Jazz butcher's 1992 long player "condition Blue" where the Jazz butcher was described as being "Lloyd Cole on acid".

just thought i'd share<< Received on Wed Apr 22 17:57:04 1998

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