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Hello, reviews, live tapes anyone???

From: GDM <>
Date: Mon 16 Feb 1998 - 11:48:48 PST

Hello to list members,

        My name is Gavin I live in the mountains above Santa Cruz, California...this is my first post....I have listened to JBC since my High School days in the suburbs outside Chicago 1984-88.....I finally got to see Max and Pat at the Great American Music Hall in San Fran this past September and I guess for me I waited for the right moment...I would have to say that was in the top 3 concerts of my life...I don't make that statement lightly as I have seen hundreds ...possibly thousands of bands in my life....that show proved to me that the songs JBC crafted in the early 1980's really were is funny how badly some of the music from that period has aged....but the delivery of Pat and Max that night was fully really spoiled the die-hards ( which too few artists do) because the set list was comprised mostly of pre 1986 material, what a treat....... Pat if you are reading this ...THANK YOU!! I have a few questions for list members so here it goes...

#1. Does anybody know who the two asian girls were at the front of the
stage who audience taped the SF 97 show???

#2. Is there anyway after the auction that I can obtain copies of the live
audios from the auction winners, and did anyone not follow through on the purchase of the auction items.

#3. Is anyone interested in trading live audio JBC for high quality
recordings of Glass Era out of print JBC stuff, or trading for an LP copy of Bloody Nonsense, Jazz Butcher vrs Max Eider EP, or a CD to tape copy of Best Kisser in the world???

#4. Does anyone have the real story on any Max Eider solo material that was
recorded after Best Kisser in the World, was there ever a single with b-sides from Best Kisser?? Has Max ever played a solo concert. Have any demo sessions or radio sessions from the Uk with Max ever surfaced?????

#5 . Did anyone tape the Pat Fish/ Max Eider show in London 1997?????

Anxiously awaiting!!!

Gavin Received on Wed Apr 22 17:57:24 1998

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